Selección de singles primerizos, caras b y versiones maxi -desde la gloriosa "Nowhere Girl" hasta sus decepcionantes últimos trabajos-, de un grupo que perdió la oportunidad de coger el tren del éxito: en 1985 editaron su LP de debut, cuando llevaban desde 1980 -estaban en el mítico "Some Bizarre Album" del que salieron Depeche Mode, Soft Cell, The The y Blancmange...- y su mejor momento pasó en el '83, cuando editaron "Remembrance Day" y, sobre todo, esa "Chica de ninguna parte"...

01. Marilyn Dreams
02. Remembrance Day
03. Institution Walls
04. Moles
05. Film Music
06. Nowhere Girl (12" version)
07. Scare Some Life Into Me
08. A Letter From Afar (Small mix)
09. A Letter From Afar (Big mix)
10. Switch On - Switch Off (Switch On Rock mix)
11. Forever Running (Long Running mix)
12. A Letter From Afar (instrumental)


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RObert POland dijo...

This is great band. But in my country not many people knows, who is B-Movie.


John dijo...

I love your site but haven't been able to open any of the files, your password doesn't seem to work, am I doing something wrong??

annie's animal dijo...

i like the early period of b movie .
it was a great band ....
But the record is another story...

Peter dijo...

This band is tops! I adore several songs off of this record but do not have the whole thing. I cannot un-archive the .rar file. The PW seems to work, but the file doesn't unzip anything. Would it be possible to re-up this w/o the PW? thanks so much, this blog is choice.

Palyniam dijo...

whats the password? anyone